Restaurant Exhaust Hood & Vent Cleaning in Benton, LA and Surrounding Areas Including Shreveport

Schedule a cleaning for your restaurant to eliminate the grease

Commercial kitchens use an exhaust hood to remove smoke, steam and fumes out of the area. All those gasses leave a residue on the ductwork. American Power Cleaning offers restaurant exhaust hood cleaning to eliminate the buildup and get rid of any potential fire hazard. Different types of restaurants require different recommended cleaning frequency suggestions based on the types of food being cooked. Contact American Power Cleaning for more information about restaurant grease exhaust cleaning.

restaurant exhaust hood, benton la

How often should you clean your restaurant's exhaust hood?

Kitchen exhaust systems that are over wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves require cleaning the most often. The frequency of restaurant exhaust hood cleaning depends on what you’re cooking, such as:
  • 30 days for wood-burning stoves, char-broilers and 24-hour restaurants
  • 60 days for fast-food locations
  • 90 days for restaurant, hotel and hospital kitchens
  • 180 days for pizza places and small snack bars
  • 1 year for hoods over non-grease appliances, such as dishwashers
Cleaning the exhaust hood should be a part of your restaurant’s routine maintenance. Call 318-426-4374 today to schedule restaurant exhaust vent cleaning in the Benton, LA area including Shreveport.